Ninja Destruction

Everyone starts by getting in a circle and bowing respectfully, with hands pressed together. As one, they call out “ninja destruction”, and jump back, striking a ninja pose.

One person begins. They get to make one fluid motion. Generally, in this motion they (Player A) would try to strike the hand of another player, Player B, with their own hand. Player B, as the targeted player, is allowed to make a fluid motion to dodge the attack.1 If Player B’s hand is struck by Player A’s hand, Player B is eliminated for this round and must leave the circle. If not, then play continues. In any case, Player A must remain in the position they have assumed – they cannot move back.

After this turn, the next person clockwise around the circle has their turn – not necessarily the person who was targeted.

This continues until all but one player have been eliminated. At any point in the game, participants may make a move without necessarily targeting any player; this is especially common towards the end.

Ninja Destruction

1 – In some variations, every player is allowed to move once Player A initiates. This version more closely resembles something that might be described as ‘freeze frame kung fu’.



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