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On the Accessibility of Feminism (revised)

The comments on this post have been really great for helping me to think more deeply about this. Some parts of the original post I’ve edited to reflect my meaning better, or to soften plain inflammatory statements. I’ve also added footnotes to indicate how others’ comments have added to my understanding and perhaps changed my […]

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black and white

The day is monochrome at dawn, the lightless night, of black and white, shows form, huddled, sleeping and warm, textures that are my life’s delight. Shrouded in black, a cold girl does lay, On crumpled sheets, she shivers, off-white, Her eyes, once green, are flinty grey, My eyes paint colour in the fading sight. The […]

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school talk madlands wodonga senior secondary college

Madlands and Anna Rose in Albury Wodonga

Anna Rose is just getting in to her school talk. “Do you eat food?” she asks the audience of about a hundred school students, and hands shoot up. She smiles. “We all eat food,” she say, “which is why climate change affects all of us.” Albury Wodonga. A place familiar to me from family trips […]

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the hunger games

Books 16,17,18: “The Hunger Games Trilogy”, Suzanne Collins

I read the three Hunger Games books in as many days. This was a bit awkward. The movie was so big and well-known, the books almost as much, and here I was being very mainstream and uncool. I guess that’s what happens when one is in Adelaide and not Melbourne. Because of the books’ popularity, […]

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confederacy of dunces hyperbolic review

Book 15: “A Confederacy of Dunces”, John Kennedy Toole

You simply must read this book. Goddam. While I am perhaps coming on a bit strong, John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, protagonised by Ignatius Reilly, is not a book that lends itself to qualified (in the syntactic sense) or in any way guarded statements. I thus feel it appropriate to proclaim that the […]

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ukulele aycc martin ferguson

Melbourne, 11 Months In.

I’m packing my room to move to my second Melbourne Sharehouse. Gradually emptying my bookshelf, sticking big A4 things into a calico bag, I come upon an A4 envelope from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s Meet Your Member Finale, July 2011. The consequence of open slather of Kris Kringle style good vibes, it contains lovely […]

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Book 14: “Motherhood”, Anne Manne

Allow me to begin with an analogy. Let’s pretend you are a cyclist. You’re trying to decide which route to take to your destination. The obvious option is to take the road, to face off against the cars and the pollution and struggle in a game that is based on their laws and their somewhat […]

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So I bought a Kindle eReader

I got a Kindle eReader recently and shortly afterwards finished my first whole book using it – Dickens’ Great Expectations (conveniently available for free due to some aspect of Copyright law I barely understand, but deeply appreciate.) Buying a Kindle was a tense decision for me: I’m both a bibliophile and a technophile. I love […]

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