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Australia can go from ‘Laggard to Leader’ on Climate

Monday July 23rd I popped along to Beyond Zero Emission‘s presentation on their recent report: Laggard to Leader: How Australia Can Lead the World to Zero Carbon Prosperity. The report was authored by Fergus Green and Rueben Finighan; Green and I attended COP 15 together (although, as I’ve written…I remember little of him). I’m a […]

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‘The Dark Knight’, Allegory, Terrorism and Torture

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is one hell of a film. I enjoy watching it every time. It is bad ass. The first time I watched it I drove afterwards to my friends house. I drove with my lights off. Dangerous? Yes. Bad ass? Don’t you know it. When I arrived there, I cut-off power […]

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Book 21: “Madlands”, Anna Rose.

This was a very exciting book for me to read. Firstly, Anna sent me an advance proof digital copy. It was like I was an actual book reviewer. Secondly, Anna is a friend of mine and had published a book. This is exciting. Thirdly, I was conscious that this book could significantly influence the climate […]

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On Uni and the Absence Thereof

There I was in Year 11. Sitting down with the Rector of the College, I was discussing my plans and making corresponding subject choices. ‘The world’, he told me, ‘is your oyster’. Having completed two fifths of Year 12 in Year 11, I, as per my school’s policy, went on to complete a further five […]

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On Symbolic Communication amidst Romance

Communication is at the core of human relationships and symbolism is at the core of communication. However, while symbolism is crucial to communicating abstract concepts, symbolic communication is more likely than ‘literal’ communication that is free of symbolism to result in misunderstanding. The significance of symbolism as a factor in miscommunication in relationships cannot be […]

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the magus john fowles cover image

“The Magus”, John Fowles. (Book 19, April 12-26)

John Fowles’ The Magus. Wow. I generally steer clear of sexual analogies, at least in public, but I think it would be unfair to say anything less than this book gave me a sense of what it must be like to have multiple orgasms. It was just so good, and it kept being so good, […]

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