Love Poem #2

I wrote this poem on Tuesday night after getting off the phone to a friend from my home town of Adelaide. I haven’t written much poetry of late so this was welcome. I wasn’t going to put it up quite so soon, but what with the giddy feeling of being ‘freshly pressed’, I figure I ought to have some more fresh content to keep people interested – and this fits thematically well with my post On Love and Loss. I welcome any sort of feedback or literary criticism, or you know, plain old responses.

Evergreen warm in winter night,
your curved self speaks glee.
No distance, friend, can make you distant,
who loves effervescently.

Of many friends I’ve had, it’s odd,
to think why you should be
the one who’s so grown in my heart,
who’s far so dear to me.

Yet love is chaos, fortune, luck,
and by some lucky chance,
together you and I have stuck
through changing circumstance.

Too close to me you’ll never be,
too far away you’re often,
so alone I long for a heartfelt song,
for a cold hard world to soften.

Each time we share together, brief,
adds to a rich unfolding,
a revealing of our own best selves,
a mutual life-moulding.

Perhaps this is no “lucky chance”,
no “hazard of the die”,
we may not be “star cross’d” as such,
but we’re more than you and I.

So be my friend, my love, please carry
me in your heart with you.
Let’s coax and nurture and always breathe
yet more life this love into.


5 Responses to “Love Poem #2”

  1. In the last stanza, the comma should be removed from the first line, and I think you mean “breathe” rather than “breath”.

  2. I enjoyed your poem…as someone who created a long distance relationship…I know it’s possible 😉

  3. Great poem. It perfectly describes the sentiments I’ve been feeling after a weekend of seeing the friends I love and miss dearly. Love between friends is a special and, as I believe you’ve mentioned in one of your articles, bittersweet phenomenon.

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