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Weary walkers wait the last days out

Tired walkers tramp foot by foot down winding dusty road. Unbounded fields of green grain grow alongside. On the horizon cars whirr past. Foot by foot, step by step, blisters complain and pussy conspiracies are hatched, files are swallowed, and dead cell inmates drug guards and make a break for it – only to be […]

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“The 4-Hour Workweek”, Timothy Ferriss: Personal Effectiveness

The 4-Hour Workweek is a guide to reducing one’s workload to the point that it can be handled with 4 hours each week, so that the free time (and surplus cash) can be used to live one’s dream lifestyle – learning martial arts, travelling, that sort of thing. Is it engaging? Yes. Is it plausible? […]

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Repower Port Augusta: the Walk for Solar

“Passengers, prepare for take off.” Blueish cabin lights illuminate my copy of Chris Rose’s How to Win Campaigns as flight DJ 247 leaves Melbourne. I’ll soon arrive in South Australia to start the journey of a lifetime, walking 300 km from Port Augusta to Adelaide in support of a campaign to build Australia’s first baseload […]

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Book 24: “The Razor’s Edge”, W. Somerset Maugham

Some individuals can make a profound difference in our lives, and The Razor’s Edge is testament to this. The book is auto-biographical and biographical. It is written as a recount of the author’s own experience, but it is about another, Larry Darrell, whose life makes a profound difference to others. (In fact, this book was […]

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On Moyer’s Eight Stages of Social Movements, Pt. 1

Bill Moyer’s MAP (Movement Action Plan) model for organising social movements gives social activists a conceptual framework for analysing past and contemporary social movements. One aspect of this model is “The Eight Stages of Social Movements”. Moyer’s model is useful primarily because it categorises the eight stages, allowing activists to understand the progress they are […]

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