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Management & Organisations: “Maverick” by Ricardo Semler

I read Ricardo Semler’s Maverick because at some point in my life I became a management nerd. I still am. Organisation management, people, processes: they fascinate me. In a cultural context in which work is boring and meetings are a waste of time, I am charged by the challenge of figuring out how we can […]

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A meeting in Copenhagen between Minister Penny Wong and members of the AYCC's Youth Delegation.

On Penny Wong and today’s Australian Labor Party

The decision at today’s South Australian Labor Party state convention to list Senator Don Farrell ahead of Senator Penny Wong on the party’s senate ticket represents everything that is wrong with the ALP today. Well, maybe not everything. But most of the things. It seems that Labor has learnt nothing from its mistakes. Despite the […]

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On Physical Affection in all Sorts of Relationships

I’m a pretty tactile guy. I find touch deeply nourishing. Being touched makes me feel good, makes me feel better, makes me feel loved. But I’m not huge on the established structures for relationships. Which makes things interesting, as these structures are pretty firm on what sorts of touch are allowed in what contexts. I’ve […]

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Film experience review: “Safety Not Guaranteed”

On Thursday night a friend texted me, saying she’d won a double pass to a film that evening. It was clear she’d also texted others, as her sms ended with the challenge “First one writing back gets the goods….” My weakness in the face of free stuff is well-documented; I also like watching films. I […]

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“The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ah, yes, The Great Gatsby. This book highlights yet another of the pitfalls of being a precocious child: I first read it when I lacked the worldliness to truly appreciate it. I’m fairly confident that bits of it appealed to me, but it was nothing like this time. Nothing at all. The book’s story is […]

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“Tess of the D’Urbevilles”, Thomas Hardy: Yeah Nah

I don’t think I’m up to the task of saying much about Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbevilles. It confounded me. Once I finished it, I realised that I had never “got it”. I hoped that someone I knew could explain it to me, could make sense of what happened, could help me to understand. […]

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40 delightful things about the Walk for Solar

On the morning of Saturday 29 September this list of delights was compiled. Thanks to Paige and Miri for their help! For more information about my participation in the Walk for Solar, here you go! Waking Up 1. Being woken up by a whistled version of “My Heart Will Go On”. 2. Going back to […]

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