40 delightful things about the Walk for Solar

On the morning of Saturday 29 September this list of delights was compiled. Thanks to Paige and Miri for their help! For more information about my participation in the Walk for Solar, here you go!

Waking Up
1. Being woken up by a whistled version of “My Heart Will Go On”.
2. Going back to sleep.
3. Having an extra-long sleeping bag that allows you to cover your face and avoid being woken by the light.
4. Having cinnamon with your muesli.
5. Having a lot of cinnamon with your muesli.
6. Having far too much cinnamon with your muesli.
7. Having muesli with your cinnamon.
8. Sunrise.
9. Getting your sleeping mat in to its bag on the first attempt.
10. The restorative effect of the first mug of tepid tea.

Photographer: Michael Kubler

1. Taping your feet for the first time each morning.
2. Noting how the blisters from yesterday have receded.
3. Pulling a second pair of socks on.
4. Finding interesting things on the side of the road: animals, stuffed toys, bits of car.
5. Gorging on Oreos on the first break
6. When it’s really windy in the direction that you want to go and you can put your jacket out and jump and get pushed along.
7. A skyline of wind turbines.
8. The dependable feeling of true blue boots.
9. Having exercise as part of your daily routine, whether you like it or not.
10. Feeling really tired but knowing that you’ve accomplished something.

Photographer: Michael Kubler

Camp Logistics
1. The sight of 20kg of guacemole and 600 blocks of chocolate.
2. A warm shower after walking over 60km in 3 days.
3. The ability to transmit digital information using telecommunications infrastructure.
4. People that help you put up your tent.
5. When you come back from walking and your tent poles have survive 100km/hr winds.
6. When you find something that you had long ago given up for lost.
7. Delicious food, served hot and fresh, in abundant supply.
8. Friendly land owners who supply beer.
9. Being the first to wash your dishes and having warm soapy water.
10. Being able to wear thongs around the campsite without the fear of losing your feet to a rogue piece of metal.

Photographer: Michael Kubler

Sources of Motivation
1. The morale of Ellie, the 5 year old on the trip.
2. Improvised chants based around Top 40 songs: “It’s getting hot in here [so hot] so build me solar now.”
3. Wet ones.
4. Ringing your politician from the side of a highway.
5. Puppies in a wagon. (and Ryan’s singing about the same)
6. Small children in a wagon.
7. The combination of various musical talents, and singers, guitarists, and percussionists.
8. People from different backgrounds coming together around a common purpose.
9. All the different reasons that motivated people to join the Walk for Solar
10. The thought of building solar thermal in Port Augusta.


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