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I'm facilitating a workshop at the Fairly Educated Conference.

Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence

I used to think I was pretty great at facilitation. I had the methods down. I’d done the workshops. Heck, I’d run the workshops. And jeez, I had experience: meetings, training, you name it. As it happens though, I stank. I’m reminded of John Searle’s thought experiment, the Chinese room. Sure I was executing the […]

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A picture of a duck wearing a halloween hat, made by Freya who won the victorian state final poetry slam

Australian Poetry Slam Victorian State Final

I ended up at the Victorian State Final of the Australian Poetry Slam because of a text. True to her reputation, Freya was a poet champion. She treated us to her original poems, one about a wolf, and one about a spoon. She and I even had a slam off, in which I recited Invictus […]

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chris rose how to win campaigns book cover

Chris Rose’s “How to Win Campaigns”: Motivational Values

Chris Rose’s How to Win Campaigns is an asset for campaigners, particularly its chapter on Motivational Values. The chapter explains how society is composed of three distinct values-based groupings of citizens, and how messages and actions can be tailored to fit the values of each group. I explore motivational values and their implications below. I’ve […]

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The Cover image of Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela's Autobiography

“Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela: Leadership, Apartheid, and Climate Activism

Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom is a stirring book. Autobiography already has something rich and intimate about it; in Long Walk to Freedom that is combined with the nobility and inspiration of a successful struggle against injustice. In reading it, I reflected upon a few things: leadership, apartheid, and climate activism. Nelson Mandela is […]

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alternate text

How the Language of Love Limits Relationships

Some time ago a droll thing happened to me. A friend said of a couple known to us, “they don’t really act like a couple.” At the time, this friend and I were having dinner, just the two of us. Just before, we had a go together on a set of swings. As our night […]

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Why is the Climate Movement Celebrating Obama’s Re-election?

Today Barack Obama was elected to a second term as President of the United States. Also today, as a consequence of global warming, our climate system gained an amount of energy equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. In the giddy celebrations following Obama’s success, climate activists jostled over a cursory mention given in his […]

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Just Between You And Me, this Book on Relationships isn’t Very Good

I found Just Between You and Me while browsing a bookstore, something I rarely do. This is perhaps unusual for somebody who reads alot, but I find browsing a fruitless exercise. I’d much rather base my reading decisions on friends’ recommendations or, ideally, recommendations implicit in other texts, such as when one book refers to […]

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The Music of Love

Music and love go hand in hand. My first love, Jolie, was a musician. When we met, it was impressed upon me that she could perform the amazing feat of hearing Delta Goodrem songs on the radio then reproducing them on piano. Jolie could also play “Für Elise”. Back when I was 13, this was […]

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