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On Idleness, or Doing Nothing

One of my favourite things to do is nothing. Doing nothing is what weekends are for. When there’s nothing to do – do it. It’s actually quite easy. I sometimes sit, but more often recline. I might have a tea or a ginger beer, there may be music. Then I be. Sometimes I’ll deliberately practice […]

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I am playing ukulele in my family garden in Adelaide.

Family Christmas in Adelaide

Like a returning soldier back from the front I step over the threshold and drop my bags, embrace my parents. It’s still early, and the others are in bed. But it’s too late now – just gone 7am by my body clock – for me to dream of sleep, so I ready myself for the […]

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cover image of language intelligence on rhetoric by joseph romm

“Language Intelligence”, Joe Romm: Rhetoric

Language Intelligence is the latest book by climate blogger Joe Romm. It is a guide to rhetoric, “the art of persuasion through the systematic use of the figures of speech.” To be more precise, it is a powerfully written and invaluable guide to rhetoric. Whether you cross swords on Q&A with Nick Minchin, speak to […]

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My laptop. While it is heavy and has poor battery life, I can spend less money on things by realising that I can afford not to replace it.

How to Spend Less Money on Things You Don’t Need

Although I’m always trying to spend less money, I’ve recently been struggling against the temptation to buy things I don’t need. I’ve spent time looking online at tablets, at new smartphones, wondering at what price point I would take the plunge. Thankfully, I’ve got through this patch. What it took was a simple mental reframing. […]

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