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an orange butterfly on the tip of an outstretched finger, with papua new guinea's jungle in the background

Employment, Volunteering, and Passion

I have a complicated relationship with employment. Earning Money When I was young my mum pushed me to find work. My first job was delivering Messenger Newspapers in my neighbourhood. I made about $10 a week. I didn’t really mind it: I had the time, and the work wasn’t too dulling. I rather enjoyed cycling […]

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a picture of a grape growing on the vine, like a love, one that will hopefully last!

What Makes a Love Last?

For a new love to last is nothing short of remarkable. Love might be conceived in an instant, but its gestation takes time and is fraught. For a zygotic love to go to full term is exceptional – far more loves miscarry than don’t. What forces might affect the prospects of a new relationship? I’d […]

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the sense of an ending julian barnes cover image

“The Sense of an Ending”, Julian Barnes: Memory, Memento Mori

Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending is a powerful and touching read. The book so honestly and elegantly elucidates the nature of memory and nostalgia that reading it, even at the tender age of 21, was a harrowing experience. In essence, The Sense of an Ending is an exploration of memory: how it is […]

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On the ANZ Hoax: Jonathan Moylan, the Rebel

Following Jonathan Moylan’s ANZ hoax I wrote some days ago about whether his actions were justified. I was interested in critiquing some of the fatuous arguments against his act of civil disobedience and looking at the action through the lens of grassroots political activism. Now I’d like to consider the role Moylan has played, examined […]

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rules for radicals saul alinsky cover image

“Rules for Radicals”, Saul Alinsky: Organising and Power

I read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals for the wrong reason: to get a job. I had an upcoming interview for a position as an Organiser and figured it’d be good to familiarise myself with the fundamentals, to seek the blessing of the Godfather, so to speak. I’d somehow missed out on Rules for Radicals […]

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On Jonathan Moylan’s ANZ Hoax

On 7 January Jonathan Moylan, an Australian pro-life (or ‘anti-coal’) campaigner, published a hoax press release purporting to originate from ANZ bank. The hoax press release stated that ANZ had “withdrawn its $1.2 billion loan facility to Whitehaven Coal, which was primarily intended to develop the Maules Creek Coal Project.” The media and the markets […]

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“s.e.x.”, Heather Corinna: Sex, Relationships, Sexual Health

Heather Corinna’s s.e.x. first came to my attention thanks to sex columnist Dan Savage’s Savage Love from September 12. s.e.x.‘s absurdly long subtitle makes a strong case: “the all-you-need-to-know progressive sexuality guide to get you through high school and college”. Now, I’m through high school and largely through the Australian equivalent of college (or at […]

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