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a picture of mona, the museum of old and new art in hobart

David Walsh’s MONA: Art, Architecture, Life

MONA. Anticipation fills me, a pilgrim on a ferry, heading to MONA. It comes into sight: rocks leap from the bay, supporting verdant vines and the implacable exterior of what is surely becoming one of Tasmania’s and even Australia’s most compelling institutions. MONA. I’m the first off the ferry up the steps. At the top […]

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Advice to High School Poets

To write winning poems when you are young bombastic adjectives must roll of your tongue: “winsome”, “alabaster”, don’t write from the heart but from a thesaurus, yes, go there to start. Give but scant attention, to meter or time, forget about iambs, just fret about rhyme. The judges are ageing, so woo them with pathos, […]

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a pizza oven with embers burning

“The 5 Love Languages”, Gary Chapman: Making Love Felt

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts is a book by Gary Chapman with an invaluable message: that humans communicate love using five distinct “languages”. We each have a different primary love language, and we feel most loved when love is expressed to us in that language. Conversely, relationships falter not necessarily […]

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Spellcaster Rules and Gameplay

Spellcaster is a game I discovered recently over at game blog Play This Thing! It appealed to me very quickly: I love games such as Poker, Capture the Flag, or Chess, where one has to be constantly engaged with what the opponent is doing, reacting in real-time. Spellcaster captures this brilliantly: you are engaged in […]

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