Spellcaster Rules and Gameplay

Spellcaster is a game I discovered recently over at game blog Play This Thing! It appealed to me very quickly: I love games such as Poker, Capture the Flag, or Chess, where one has to be constantly engaged with what the opponent is doing, reacting in real-time. Spellcaster captures this brilliantly: you are engaged in a wizard duel, and must chart your own strategy and carry it out, while observing and reacting to your opponent’s moves.

The game can take a while to warm up to – I wouldn’t recommend it for people new to games other than Monopoly! But really, it’s quite easy to learn and get in to and has lots of layers of depth, making it possible to have a fun game as a novice while still having chances to play at more and more sophisticated levels. This is the sign of a good game.

I’ve played two games and enjoyed them and I look forward to playing many more. However, I’ve found the online version of rules, courtesy of Richard Bartle, rather dense and unhelpful for beginners. In the hope that many people will decide to give this game a go, I’ve tried to achieve better simplicity with the rules.

So give Spellcaster a whirl! Here is all you need:

I was going to write the rules up below but, holy crap, it’d be too much work. Just read the pdf.

The paper trail from a game of spellcaster

Looks fun, hey?


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