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a crowded room of people at laptops

Work Less: You’ll Get More Done

If you have a full-time job, you are probably working more than full-time. Maybe someone expects you to chalk up a certain number of billable hours each week. Maybe there’s an implicit pressure when you look around and see your coworkers chained to their desks: it can feel strange being the last to arrive and […]

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Activism and Financial Sustainability

I wrote this post earlier this year when I was about to start full-time well-paid work. Since writing it, I have left that employment to volunteer full-time. So, this post is a snapshot of how I was feeling and thinking then. My deliberate change in circumstance also reveals to me a point I only allude […]

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the cover image of katrina shields' "in the tiger's mouth"

“In the Tiger’s Mouth”, Katrina Shields: Activism, Self-Awareness, Self Care

Katrina Shield’s In The Tiger’s mouth is a book I had been waiting for an opportunity to read. That opportunity came one Friday when I lunched with Holly Hammond, facilitator and director of Plan to Win (and the recently-launched blog ‘Plan to Thrive’). Appropriately, she had two copies and was able to lend (understandably, she […]

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