Chris Mitchell

Perth, April 6: With 65.0% of the vote counted, the Greens have failed to win a second senate seat in the critical WA Senate re-election.

Despite an all-out campaign and the second highest level of campaign expenditure, the Greens barely broke quota, garnering a mere 16.2% of the primary vote.

very happy looking greens supporters

Dejected Greens supporters struggle to contain their disappointment.

This represents a swing of -6.7% away from them since the September election. As a consequence, only one Green senator will be elected to the Senate, which had two WA representatives prior to last September.

Sources close to the party described the result as “disappointing” and blamed internal squabbles and “outsized egos”.

Prior to polling day the Greens and candidate Senator Scott Ludlam spoke enthusiastically about their grass roots campaign and volunteer involvement, with Party Leader Christine Milne certain of a Greens victory in a recent speech to the National Press Club. It remains to be seen how they will make sense of their poor performance in this unambiguous test of the nation’s feeling.



  1. Wait, is this a thing? Did this article actually happen?

  2. What's wrong with 21st century media Reply April 6, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    The author of this article doesn’t even try to disguise a bias. Not sure whether a backwards Liberal or just on Murdoch’s paycheck.. I am no more knowledgeable about the actual result of the election having read this??

  3. I’m afraid the Australian would stoop so low. Asylum seeker boats parked across the Western Highway prior to last election proves that no low is too low for Murdoch lickspittles. Oz is too close to Animal Farm for irony.

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