two waves in phase will reinforce,
create a pulsing beating heart;
a hum – in neither, only in both-
vanish’d when they are sound apart.

note this: four notes are yes, a chord,
a living vibrant harmony,
with overtones not conscious heard,
absent in individuality.

falling trees fall silently,
if no one hears their great cadence,
waves would be made, but nothing played,
without a list’ning audience.

Am I complete, then, without you?
a lonely wave, a single tone,
a fallen cedar, mossy, broke
just one sin, function alone.

I’m more than one, when you are with
me, I hear the sound plainly
like a faint drum inside us pair
beat 1 | beat 2 | beat us | beat we |

though on diff’rent wavelengths I know
that yes! you share my phase
with you I’m more than me alone
cos you transform my days.

it is not unison I seek
but duet of our songs
let your life be phrased ‘gainst mine
let us beat lifelong.


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