About Joel and the Blog


On Joel, the Author

I am a passionate youth activist interested in community organising, volunteer management, and social media. Over the last four or so years I’ve spent time volunteering or working with collectives active on Environmentalism and Peace, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), the Oaktree Foundation, the Groupwork Institute of Australia, and United Voice Victoria. I’ve also dabbled in student politics. I’ve contributed to organising Students of Sustainability 2010, Adelaide, and founded and presided over Adelaide Capture the Flag. Other interests include (and some of this comes through in the blog): music, relations between humans, cooking, cycling, writing, reading, engineering, art, and personal efficiency.

On Scit Necessitas, the Blog

Unsurprisingly the blog is closely aligned with my activities and interests! I blog on a variety of things and my eclectic menus reflect this. I try to mix it up so that my followers don’t get totally tired of reading about climate politics when they want to read my review of Ulysses. I’m currently blogging about once a week, and hope to maintain these even as I am busier with many other things and run out of previously-written content.


Thanks to Charlotte Wood for designing the blogo…that is, the logo for this blog.


  1. An AYCC volunteers take on “I Can Change Your Mind About Climate” - May 1, 2012

    […] by AYCC Vic volunteer, Joel Dignam GET […]

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