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“Lean In”, Sheryl Sandberg: Gender and Career

Lean In, by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, is a discussion of how gender affects today’s white-collar workplace, particularly with regard to women. Sandberg draws upon her own experiences, her conversations with other professionals, and a vast body of research, to explore the many dynamics affecting working men and women. Lean In is an excellent read […]

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Just Between You And Me, this Book on Relationships isn’t Very Good

I found Just Between You and Me while browsing a bookstore, something I rarely do. This is perhaps unusual for somebody who reads alot, but I find browsing a fruitless exercise. I’d much rather base my reading decisions on friends’ recommendations or, ideally, recommendations implicit in other texts, such as when one book refers to […]

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So I bought a Kindle eReader

I got a Kindle eReader recently and shortly afterwards finished my first whole book using it – Dickens’ Great Expectations (conveniently available for free due to some aspect of Copyright law I barely understand, but deeply appreciate.) Buying a Kindle was a tense decision for me: I’m both a bibliophile and a technophile. I love […]

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Love and Symbiosis

The other night I saw Béla Fleck perform on the banjo. Having begun learning the instrument when 15, this musician is now 52, and magnificent. What most impressed me as I watched this man play his instrument was the natural ease with which the instrument and he collaboratively existed. While, in music, a fatal separation […]

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