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Why is the Climate Movement Celebrating Obama’s Re-election?

Today Barack Obama was elected to a second term as President of the United States. Also today, as a consequence of global warming, our climate system gained an amount of energy equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. In the giddy celebrations following Obama‚Äôs success, climate activists jostled over a cursory mention given in his […]

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On Love and Loss

(For background listening: Jeff Beck, ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers’) In bed one night, I tried to remember an old girlfriend’s mobile number and could not. There had been a time when her entry in my address book had extra ‘a’s to make it easier to find in my phone, when I would dial her […]

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Melbourne, 11 Months In.

I’m packing my room to move to my second Melbourne Sharehouse. Gradually emptying my bookshelf, sticking big A4 things into a calico bag, I come upon an A4 envelope from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s Meet Your Member Finale, July 2011. The consequence of open slather of Kris Kringle style good vibes, it contains lovely […]

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The Name Hat Game

This game is a winner. I’ve played it countless times in different settings, and every time those losers who started out cynical come around to it in no time at all. I learnt it from a Canadian and the game has since spread around the Australia like wildfire. Last night I played three straight games […]

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Progress Needed Urgently

I wrote this piece around 2009. Much has changed since then: my examples are now a little dated, not to mention that the climate science has only got worse. My expression has also got much better! Also my use of the gerund. What hasn’t changed is this piece’s central thesis – that climate change is […]

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I Am

I wrote this poem in around the New Year, in 2011. I was at an AYCC event in Sydney, strategy or training or some such. As an exercise to acquaint us, each of us was given the same sentences to answer. I think I’m the only person who wrote a poem. I am from the […]

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