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“Your Money or Your Life”, by Robin, Dominguez, and Tilford

Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez, and Monique Tilford, was recommended to me by The Simple Dollar author Trent Hamm. Not personally, that is, more recommended to everyone in this blog post of his. He said that, although the author’s politics might not be your cup of tea, the book was […]

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Activism and Financial Sustainability

I wrote this post earlier this year when I was about to start full-time well-paid work. Since writing it, I have left that employment to volunteer full-time. So, this post is a snapshot of how I was feeling and thinking then. My deliberate change in circumstance also reveals to me a point I only allude […]

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My laptop. While it is heavy and has poor battery life, I can spend less money on things by realising that I can afford not to replace it.

How to Spend Less Money on Things You Don’t Need

Although I’m always trying to spend less money, I’ve recently been struggling against the temptation to buy things I don’t need. I’ve spent time looking online at tablets, at new smartphones, wondering at what price point I would take the plunge. Thankfully, I’ve got through this patch. What it took was a simple mental reframing. […]

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How to Spend Less Money on Food

I understand that it’s good practice in blogging to write about  certain things. These should be things that one is interested in, that one has a specialised insight in to, and, ideally, things that are of value to others. As it happens, I have a preternatural ability to live cheaply, and I feel that sharing […]

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