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“Your Money or Your Life”, by Robin, Dominguez, and Tilford

Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez, and Monique Tilford, was recommended to me by The Simple Dollar author Trent Hamm. Not personally, that is, more recommended to everyone in this blog post of his. He said that, although the author’s politics might not be your cup of tea, the book was […]

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joel floating in a pool

five years since graduating high school

About five years ago I finished Year 12 at Saint Ignatius’ College, Athelstone. I missed schoolies weekend but attended a Graduation Ball with the rest of the year level. Afterwards some of us friends sat round a table and wondered about what to come. Us same friends later holidayed in Victor Harbour, playing “Castle Crashers”, […]

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a picture of a grape growing on the vine, like a love, one that will hopefully last!

What Makes a Love Last?

For a new love to last is nothing short of remarkable. Love might be conceived in an instant, but its gestation takes time and is fraught. For a zygotic love to go to full term is exceptional – far more loves miscarry than don’t. What forces might affect the prospects of a new relationship? I’d […]

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The Music of Love

Music and love go hand in hand. My first love, Jolie, was a musician. When we met, it was impressed upon me that she could perform the amazing feat of hearing Delta Goodrem songs on the radio then reproducing them on piano. Jolie could also play “Für Elise”. Back when I was 13, this was […]

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On Physical Affection in all Sorts of Relationships

I’m a pretty tactile guy. I find touch deeply nourishing. Being touched makes me feel good, makes me feel better, makes me feel loved. But I’m not huge on the established structures for relationships. Which makes things interesting, as these structures are pretty firm on what sorts of touch are allowed in what contexts. I’ve […]

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Book 24: “The Razor’s Edge”, W. Somerset Maugham

Some individuals can make a profound difference in our lives, and The Razor’s Edge is testament to this. The book is auto-biographical and biographical. It is written as a recount of the author’s own experience, but it is about another, Larry Darrell, whose life makes a profound difference to others. (In fact, this book was […]

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Book 11: “Tuesdays with Morrie”, Mitch Albon

What this book did for me is very circumstantial. I was given it by one of my dearest friends, with whom I have had many a reflective and insightful conversation. She and I talk about many a thing: love, family, friendship, power, climate change, relationships, and how we like our tea. So, this book contained […]

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Love and Symbiosis

The other night I saw Béla Fleck perform on the banjo. Having begun learning the instrument when 15, this musician is now 52, and magnificent. What most impressed me as I watched this man play his instrument was the natural ease with which the instrument and he collaboratively existed. While, in music, a fatal separation […]

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