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The Willpower Instinct, Dr. Kelly McGonigal: Do what you actually want

“Self-control,” writes Dr. Kelly McGonigal in Willpower, “is a better predictor of academic success 🎓 than intelligence, a stronger determinant of effective leadership than charisma, and more important for marital bliss 💕 than empathy.” Then again, of course Dr. McGonigal would say something like that – she just can’t help herself. The Willpower Instinct: How […]

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On having arrived, for now at least

Two conversations come to mind. The earliest: I’m at the piano, playing Ben Folds’ “Still Fighting It”, singing “It sucks to grow-up”. My sister earnestly tells me that the song is wrong. Apparently, my older brother Rowan had said so – “and he’s grown up.” Confident in the experience of my teenage self, I retorted […]

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Work Less: You’ll Get More Done

If you have a full-time job, you are probably working more than full-time. Maybe someone expects you to chalk up a certain number of billable hours each week. Maybe there’s an implicit pressure when you look around and see your coworkers chained to their desks: it can feel strange being the last to arrive and […]

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Activism and Financial Sustainability

I wrote this post earlier this year when I was about to start full-time well-paid work. Since writing it, I have left that employment to volunteer full-time. So, this post is a snapshot of how I was feeling and thinking then. My deliberate change in circumstance also reveals to me a point I only allude […]

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Employment, Volunteering, and Passion

I have a complicated relationship with employment. Earning Money When I was young my mum pushed me to find work. My first job was delivering Messenger Newspapers in my neighbourhood. I made about $10 a week. I didn’t really mind it: I had the time, and the work wasn’t too dulling. I rather enjoyed cycling […]

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Loving Humanity, or, How We Win

It’s weird reading this now. I wrote it around 17-9-2011 (although I’ve revised it for re-posting; my expression is now much better!). Since finishing employment with the AYCC in February of this year, I’ve been much less involved in the climate scene, and, for a time, I thought it could be a long-term separation. I […]

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